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Ok, yesterday’s post was entitled:  “Why Aidan doesn’t have a driver’s license.”  The boys (all of them!) thought it would be funny if we highlighted my mistake today.  I thought a better title would be: “It’s not an adventure until there’s a little blood.”

So the idea was to rent scooters and ride them around the island of Moorea – a total of 36 miles.  In college, I rode a friend’s moped.  But when the scooters arrived, they sure looked more like motorcycles.  They were heavy, really heavy.  Even so, Aidan climbed on with Neerav; Nathan climbed on with me.  On the paved road, everything was fine.  The view along the shoreline was spectacular.

About a half hour into the ride, we pulled into a shopping center parking lot to use an ATM.  Neerav pulled into one driveway; I pulled into another one.  I stopped and then realized that I needed to cross the gravel lot.  Something told me that I was about to have a problem.  Still I gave the bike some gas… too much gas on gravel.  We skidded badly, and to avoid hitting Neerav and Aidan’s bike, I wiped out.  Nathan and I went down on the gravel.  (Insert swearing here.)  Ugh.

(Note to my mom:  No need to send the “how could you get on something so dangerous?!” email.)

Yes, there was some blood, but fortunately no broken bones.  We cleaned up as best we could and decided to head back.  Another 1.5 hours on the bikes suddenly didn’t sound so enjoyable.

Nathan had two cuts on his leg.  I didn’t fare quite as well.  I’ve got some major road burn on my leg and forearm, but I’ll survive.  The worst part:  Nathan and I need to be out of the salt water for the next few days.  Ugh, again.

Tonight, I had a crepe and umbrella drink to dull the pain.