I fancy myself an amateur photographer.  I love to capture the essence of a place through a single photo.

I’m teaching the boys about the art of taking a good photo on our trip.  Each has his own mini-iPad to use as a camera.  I’ll post their best photos here, too.

To see our current photos, use the drop down menu under Photos and select a country.  Of course, some galleries will be empty until we reach that destination.

The photos will display is a mosaic style; however to see them full screen, just click on an individual photo, and you’ll be able to scroll through the gallery.

6 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. Matthew Chin said:

    We almost all cried. William and i visited almost every teacher before leaving

  2. Matthew Chin said:

    Today is our last day of school. How is London?

  3. Tony Martinez said:

    Hi Aidan this is Tony and Matthew

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