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It was a low key day in paradise.

From Aidan: Today when I got up, water sports were cancelled because of strong winds. Nathan and I swam in the pool and built sand castles. When we finally got a pedal boat, the current was strong. I had to get out and pull us back.

From Nathan: In the morning, Aidan went snorkeling to find shells for Mom. I did not get to go, because my wound was still healing. Luckily, I got to go swimming in the freshwater pool. I enjoyed being in the water, because I was not happy sitting on the beach yesterday. After a quick lunch, I played leap frog on the paddle boards. The boards were tied up, so guests would not get carried away by the strong current. Also, I played tennis and went kayaking with Mom.

The leg is getting better. I’m hoping to find a way to snorkel in saltwater tomorrow without it stinging too badly!