Before embarking on our around-the-world trip, the boys and I made a list of personal goals.  Here’s hoping that we can achieve them!


  • Expose my children to the world in order to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for it’s people, their struggles, and their triumphs
  • Show my children the true reality of living in a 2nd and 3rd world country
  • Empower my children to make changes and choices that impact the world for the better
  • Help my sons to develop empathy not pity
  • Learn about different cultures and experience them firsthand outside of normal tourist trappings
  • Cement a loving, open, and honest relationship with each of my sons
  • Help my sons to develop a stronger relationship between each other
  • Improve communication between all members of our family
  • Have deep, meaningful, memorable conversations
  • Share our family’s past
  • Read more
  • Email and text less
  • Increase my endurance
  • Learn to use chopsticks
  • Eat an exotic food worthy of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel
  • Share the Bible daily with my sons
  • Live in the moment, not in a planner looking ahead


  • See more countries and continents and experience their cultures
  • See new and unforgettable things
  • Learn more about my world through experiences
  • Expand my comfort zone
  • Speak with locals
  • Learn to use chopsticks
  • Eat exotic foods
  • Not suffer jet lag
  • Grow closer to my family
  • Have fun!


  • See a zebra, lion, and giraffe in Africa
  • Learn to use chopsticks
  • Eat an exotic insect
  • Improve my relationship with my family
  • Have fun!


  • Not go crazy when the family is traveling without meadmin-ajax
  • Explore new cultures, people, and foods
  • Strengthen my relationship with my kids and experience the world through their eyes
  • Relax!

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