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It’s our last morning in the UAE, so we headed out of Dubai for some desert dune bashing.

From Nathan:  Dune buggying in the desert was lame.  There was no thrill going up and down the hills.  The driver was too careful and braked many times.  The best part was petting camels on the side of the road and getting some water.

From Aidan:  Today we went sand bashing.  It was not that fun.  We just went down some hills.  The only thing that was cool was getting to pet the camels.

It was a unanimous “thumbs down.”

Travel TipTravel Tip 31:  Skip sand bashing.  Skip the desert.

Several companies offer a desert experience.  In addition to no-thrill dune bashing, there’s sand skiing (think snowboarding but on a small dune… way too hot), ATVing (too hot), camel rides (again, too hot), and desert dinners (you get the idea).  None of it is worth the money.  The desert isn’t all that exciting.  It’s sandy and hot.  That’s it.

For a better dune bashing experience, we recommend the Oregon Dunes in Florence.  Now that was fun!

For the record, we’ve now experienced the hottest temperatures of our lives.  It was 114-degrees Fahrenheit in the desert today.

Some final thoughts from Dubai:

From Nathan:  Dubai is global city that rose out of the desert.  It started as a poor fishing town; it has built hundreds of skyscrapers that line the streets.  (I wonder what happened to the people who couldn’t afford to live in Dubai because of the rising housing and food prices.) Dubai has a very high quality of life from healthcare to food. Everything is so convenient to get to; the grocery stores are right under the apartment complexes. Overall, Dubai is a desert London.

From Aidan:  Dubai is a very modern city.  They have lots of money to build things.  Most of this money came from oil.  The Sheikh is Dubai’s ruler.  He was the one with the idea for a very modern city.  In Dubai, you don’t see poverty; you have to go looking for it.  I don’t think that I could live in Dubai, because it’s so very hot.

From Shellie:  In case you were wondering, it is possible to be completely submerged in a swimming pool and still be sweating from your pores.  Really.

Now we travel to the other extreme, again.  In a few hours, we fly to Katmandu in Nepal.