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From Nathan: We woke up earlyto see the sunrise over Angkor Wat. The sunrise was disappointing because of the many clouds.

From Nathan:  Angkor Wat was enormous, and in fact, is the largest religious monument in the world. The ancient Khmer temple has a 12 km wall and moat protecting it from intruders. I liked the five-tower design in the middle of Angkor Wat. This design is on the Cambodian national flag. Normally, you can climb into the main tower, but today, it was closed for cleaning. The best part of the temple was that there was no tour guide! We decided not to have a guide, because we knew most of the information already. (From Shellie:  After nearly a month in Nepal, Thailand, and Cambodia, we’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge about Buddhism and Hinduism.) This made the tour go a lot quicker and was more enjoyable.

Even though Angkor Wat is the temple that everyone comes to see, Neerav, Aidan, and I preferred Ta Prohm (aka the Lara Croft Tomb Raider temple) from a few days ago.  But we all agree, we’re done with tour guides.

From Aidan: In the afternoon, we just hung out and swam. We ate dinner at a restaurant that supports and gives jobs to orphaned adults.