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From Neerav: After three weeks of no golf, I finally got to play a round. Most things – like food, transportation, and lodging – are cheap in Cambodia. But as I discovered today, golf is not!

Nathan and I set out at the crack of dawn (just like at home) to play a round at Angkor Golf Resort, while Shellie and Aidan slept in and went to the Angkor Artisans workshop and silk farm. (Aidan strained his ankle yesterday after smacking it on the side of the pool.)

Aidan was limping this morning, but by the end of the day, his ankle was feeling much better.

Aidan was limping this morning, but by the end of the day, his ankle was feeling much better.

Ankgor Golf is a Nick Faldo-designed course and was nicely laid out and kept up. I will say that Pumpkin Ridge, my home course, is better, especially the greens. Nonetheless, it was fun to play a new course in a new country. After getting our caddies and renting clubs and shoes, we were ready to tee off. I like the new TaylorMade clubs. (Hint Shellie: my birthday is coming up.)

I have never played with a caddie, but it was helpful, and I rather enjoyed having her watch my ball and help with distances. Nathan played with me for the first nine; I played the back nine solo, while Nathan drove the cart. I ended up shooting at 97, but mostly due to trying to find my distances and shot shape through the first nine holes. It was nice to take a break from the typical tourist activities, and I am looking forward to playing again in Moorea on the Jack Nicholas Green Pearl Golf Resort.

From Shellie: Ok, where’s the line about what a wonderful wife I am to encourage him to play golf today?!

From Nathan: I didn’t like having the caddies with us, because it was awkward having them watch you. The course was very nice, but it had many bunkers and water hazards. I had fun even when I hit into the bunkers. Also, I liked to drive the golf cart around.

From Neerav: After golf, Nathan and I returned to the hotel. Since we had a few hours to kill before Shellie and Aidan returned from the silk farm, we tried to buy swim goggles in Siem Reap. It’s not as easy as driving to Sports Authority back home. Nobody had a clue about what we were looking for. After getting dropped off at an eye clinic (apparently, the tuk tuk driver thought that we need eyeglasses or had some eye problems!) and other random spots, we decided to get lunch and set off on foot. Two hours later, we ended up back at the hotel… with no goggles.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Angkor Wat to watch the sunrise. Let’s hope that Aidan has one more temple in him.

From Shellie: You’ll notice that there are NO photos from the silk farm and artisans’ workshop. My camera battery died shortly after arriving at Angkor Artisans, a company that trains and employs poor villagers in Khmer arts and crafts. And my back-up battery apparently never charged. I was so disappointed. What Aidan and I saw today – the process of making silk from silkworm harvesting to finished fabric – was absolutely mind-blowing. So much work! I’ll never balk at the price of handmade silk again. The wood carving, stone carving, and lacquerware were also incredibly impressive.