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Ok, today wasn’t our best day.

We visited Angkor Thom. It’s the ancient city and last capital of the Khmer Empire with it’s own temple, Bayon, which is well known for it’s 216 faces. It’s the same face, repeated. Scholars think that the face is a combination of King Jayavarman VII, the God King who built Angkor Thom, and Buddha.

From Nathan: This temple mixes Buddhism and Hinduism. The middle tower has prayer rooms for both Hindu and Buddhist believers. I didn’t like this temple, because the smaller towers surrounding the big tower were too overpowering. It made the place look junky.

Junky… or one of the best preserved examples of ancient Khmer architecture dating back to the late 12th century. You be the judge.

Here’s the problem with the day: Angkor Thom is huge with multiple sites. Our tour guide was… thorough. Due to his exhaustive explanation, it took us more than 15 minutes just to get through the front gate. And then we hit the throngs of tourists. Taking a decent photo was almost impossible. Add in near 90-degree temperatures and more long-winded explanations from the guide… well, you see where this is going. We melted down. Aidan was first; the rest of us soon followed. We cut our visit short and headed back to the hotel.

From Aidan: Today was not my favorite. But I do have an understanding of the temples and appreciate them. I just don’t find temples that interesting, but other people do, and I respect that.

Is he running for office or what?

The day ended better than it began with swimming, complimentary snacks, free massages (I love this hotel!), and dinner along Pub Alley in Siem Reap.