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Today we drove about an hour outside Chiang Mai into the mountains near Doi Saket to go ziplining with Jungle Flight. The zipline course is situated in a rainforest of centuries-old Yang trees. Thais have revered these majestic giants since ancient times for their rubber-like sap and strong wood. The trees are also thought to be sacred residences for forest spirits.

The boys and I have been ziplining at Tree to Tree Aerial Adventure Park in Gaston, Oregon; it was Neerav’s first time. Believe it or not, we actually prefer Tree to Tree to Jungle Flight, despite the higher perches.

From Nathan: The ziplining had good runs, but overall, there was no effort needed or challenge, because the guides did the clipping and unclipping for you. I would have liked more obstacles, such as balancing beans, tight ropes and climbing nets.

The other downside was that you zipped as a group. So one person zipped from station 1 to station 2, then the next person and so on, until all 13 people completed the segment. There were 24 stations; it was a lot of waiting around.

The best part wasn’t zipping at all, but the final abseil – 131 feet to the ground.

From Aidan: I was first in line. It was a little scary, but it ended up being fun.

Regardless, we all agreed that ziplining was way more fun that looking at temples!