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From Aidan: We had a day of relaxation. First, Dad, Nathan, and I went for an early morning beach run. Then we had breakfast. Mom got on me about eating healthier. Then we took the shuttle over to the football (soccer) golf course.

From Nathan: Football golf was very fun, because it combined my favorite sports: golf and soccer. On the course, there were unusual obstacles: a 3-foot ditch, a coconut pile, and a goal net. Dad played well and got the lowest stroke (kick) count for any American.

From Aidan: Dad is the new U.S. champion! He beat the record of 72 with a 69. I got 76.

From Nathan: In the afternoon, we went swimming and tried windsurfing. It was difficult to keep your balance, while trying to catch the wind. I fell many times in the water, though I did manage to windsurf for 20 seconds.

From Aidan: Mom and Dad attempted windsurfing. Sometimes they would get it; sometimes they wouldn’t.

While, Neerav and I were belly flopping in the water, Aidan decided to do a beach photo shoot. Photographer Nathan was more than happy to participate.