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Today we spent our first day apart in more than a month and a half.  Nathan and I were scheduled to go on a snorkeling/sea kayaking/hiking trip to Angthong National Marine Park; Neerav and Aidan headed to Koh Tao for a day of snorkeling.  But only one pair made it.

From Aidan:  When we got picked up, the water was really choppy.  The boats were getting tossed around; it was like a roller coaster.  About 15 minutes into boat ride, these people decided that they were too scared to go on.  We turned back, dropped them off, and headed to sea.  Dad and I got to our first snorkeling stop; we saw lots of fish.  My favorite was an angel fish.  The water was calmer where we were snorkeling.  Our second stop was lunch.  I didnt like lunch that much.  We snorkeled for awhile there.  At our third stop, Dad and I climbed up to the viewpoint.  It was supposed to be a 40-minute hike, but Dad and I did it in 20 minutes.  When we got to the top, Dad was sweating a lot.  He dripped on me during the photo.  We headed back to the hotel.  I fell asleep in the boat.

Unfortunately, the boat carrying Nathan and I ended up turning back because of rough seas.  We spent the day at the hotel:  jet skiing, sea kayaking, swimming, reading, and playing ping pong.

In the evening, we enjoyed a dinner on the beach.  With the overcast skies, we’re still waiting for a nice sunset.