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From Nathan: Dad arrived today from Frankfort! After 44 days, I was very glad to see him. We had a low-key day, because dad had jet lag. First, we went on a canal ride, which I did not enjoy. Then we went to the largest market in Asia, Chatuchak Weekend Market. It was very crowded. I did not buy anything, but Mom and Dad got me coconut ice cream.

From Aidan:  After dinner on Khao San Road, we went to a fish spa.  Mom bargained 350 Baht for four fish massages.  The fish eat your dead skin.  At first, it really tickled.  As Nathan says, it feels like static electricity.

Yes, Mom, we washed our feet when we got back to the hotel!

It’s so good to have Neerav with us.  And it’s nice to have someone else share the responsibility of keeping the kids safe, healthy, and happy.  Together again!