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This morning, we left Pokhara and the Temple Tree Resort and Spa for Kathmandu. Temple Tree has been the nicest hotel on our trip. But it was also the site of a financial misstep on my part.

When we arrived from the ill-fated trek, I was so eager to get dry, clean clothes that I used the hotel laundry service without fully investigating. (Granted: I could be washing our clothes in the room bathtub and putting them on drying line, but I’m not. As a mom, I spend enough of my life doing laundry.) Wow, it ended up being so expensive – so expensive, that I won’t even say how much! If I simply would have slowed down and opened my eyes, I would have realized that there was a laundry service right across the street that charged one-fifth of the price! I hate wasting money. UGH!

Travel TipTravel Tip 33: Use laundry service outside hotel

The service claimed to use washing and drying machines versus simple hand washing.  Regardless, the clothes came back clean. And all the socks were there, unlike at home!

To be honest, we are not fans of Kathmandu.  It’s bigger, busier, and definitely dirtier than Pokhara.  And we’re not fans of the hotel, Thamel Eco Resort.  The WiFi is busted, the television may go out at any minute because apparently the hotel didn’t pay its bill, and the bed sheets are covered with these little green ants.  We’re bored because our city tour, which was part of the package, doesn’t happen until tomorrow.  So we’ve hunkered down in a modern Internet cafe, Himalaya Java.  One thing that I do like here is the Himalayan coffee.

Neerav is now in route to Thailand with a detour to Miami for a business meeting. Our yellow Labrador, Nilla, is staying with our friends – Amy, Bill, Isabelle, and Ned. By the looks of the photos sent by Amy, Nilla is on a vacation of his own! The boys have been comforted by seeing him so well taken care of. Thank you, Amy!