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Zanzibar has some lovely beaches. Today we took at taxi to the beach at the Mbweni Ruins Hotel.

Travel TipTravel Tip 22: You don’t have to pay a premium for a beach hotel.

If you’re planning a resort vacation, pay for the beach location. But if like us, you’re just looking for a beach day, stay in town. Most hotels will allow non-guests to use their beach, because they know you’ll likely buy lunch there. On this day, we paid about $19 for the taxi ride and $15 for lunch. Had we stayed at this hotel, it would have cost $100 more per night.

From Aidan: I got Nathan to throw sticks into the water. I went and fetched them. I was like our dog, Nilla.

Aidan imitates our dog, Nilla, as he fetches over and over again.

Aidan imitates our dog, Nilla, as he fetches over and over again.

From Nathan: In the afternoon, we explored Stonetown. We went down the narrow alleyways. The inner and outer parts of the city were much different from the waterfront. There was more poverty, and it not as clean. The roads were not marked at all, so it made it harder to get around, but we still made it out alive. (Note from Shellie:  For the record, our lives were never at risk, Nathan!)

Nathan is a boy who needs to have a plan. Before leaving the hotel, he mapped out a route. When we safely deviated to explore, he nearly lost it. Sometimes son, it’s about the journey, not the destination.