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We’ve returned to Arusha for a night’s stay at the Outpost Lodge before flying to Zanzibar tomorrow.

In the last six days, we’ve driven over 800 miles on the worse roads that I’ve ever seen. But the driving has exposed us to a good part of northern Tanzania.

Our safari experience with Duma Explorer was really wonderful. We always felt well cared for and safe. Our guide, Malles, was incredibly knowledgable about the animals and deserves a medal for driving under those conditions. Our cook, Gideon, too, was very conscientious. The food that he prepared in make-shift kitchens with nothing more than a portable kerosene burner was simple, but very tasty. As part of the experience, I chose to overlook the fact that he washed the dishes with cold water in the same tub that he later washed his laundry. We never got sick; no one died.

Travel TipTravel Tip 20: Consider going vegetarian.

We requested an African vegetarian menu on the safari. The Irish couple traveling with us did eat meat and had no problems. But I’ve watched too many episodes of Bizarre Foods and heard Andrew Zimmern talk about the lack of proper food handling practices in Africa to chance the kids’ health.

The reason for us going vegetarian in Africa.  Yep, that's a freshly slaughtered goat.

The reason for us going vegetarian in Africa. Yep, that’s a freshly slaughtered goat.