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Ngorongoro is the crater of a volcano that imploded on itself. It’s the wet season at the crater, and temperatures have really dropped; hence we didn’t camp and instead stayed at the Rhino Lodge. Despite the migration to Kenya at this time of year, Ngorongoro still boasts a wide array of animals.

We went on a morning game drive. We did see more lions gnawing on their latest kill – African Buffalo – and the hyenas and jackals waiting for scraps. If you’re going to be a hyena or jackal in Africa, pack your patience. Lions can’t be rushed.

New species that we saw today:

  • Brown Hyena
  • Gray Crowned Crane
  • Greater Flamingo
  • Kori Bustard

The only animal that we didn’t see on our safari:  Rhino.  I think that we made out pretty well!

Travel TipTravel Tip 19: Go to the Serengeti.

If you ever have to choose between the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, go with the Serengeti. It’s what you hope Africa will be. Ngorongoro reminded me more of Yellowstone National Park. It may have been more impressive had we been here another time of year.

Over the past week, we’ve seen countless Maasi. I didn’t stop to take photos of them in their traditional red plaid; the women are especially beautiful with their beaded neckpieces. However, since we spent no time with them, it seemed rude to just snap a photo and then drive off. Those images will have to be stored in my mind.