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Let me set the scene.

We are staying at Seronera Campground inside the Serengeti. There are no fences around the campground, not even thornbushes like the Maasi villages. You and nature are one. Once night falls, you’re warned not to get out of your tent and walk to the restrooms, which are about 100 yards away. (By the way, we have running water here but very cold showers.) Quite literally, a pride of lions could walk through camp at night.

Now for the “too much information” part…

Before leaving on the trip, I told friends that I was worried about making it through the night without a bathroom break. I’ll say it… I have a very small bladder.

So when I woke up and had to go, I reached for my iPhone clock, hoping that it would say 5:30 a.m., knowing the sun would be up soon. Nope, 2:30 a.m. Ugh. I can’t wait.

Heeding the guide’s advice, I didn’t attempt to go to the restrooms. Instead, I thought, “I’ll just step outside the tent and pee next to the tree.” I unzipped the tent, surveyed the area, and then got to business. Suddenly, out of nowhere, two huge figures appeared about 25 yards away, lumbering toward me: African Buffalo. Oh my God! I have never urinated so fast in all my life. Obviously, I lived to tell the tale.

Note to self: no soup or water at dinner tomorrow.

I shot these photos of African Buffalo… in the daylight!