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We encountered our first bad weather of the trip: rain and lots of it. After a soggy walk through the floating flower market, we ventured off the tourist path to Tun Fun. Think of Chuck E. Cheese’s on steroids. It’s an underground kid play area, where Dutch children have their birthday parties. There were climbing structures, inflatables, scooters, trampolines, and a small indoor soccer field. Aidan was in heaven; Nathan, my teenager, appeared to be in hell.

From Nathan: There were a lot of little children running around screaming. I felt out of place, because I am 13 years old instead of 5 or 6. I then decided to sit on a bench. After a while, my mom made me get up and play soccer. I thought this was better than sitting on the bench until ten kids joined. It made the space very crowded.

Aidan, on the other hand, loved playing with the Dutch kids. It didn’t matter that he could only understand the word, “keeper.”

From Aidan: I went on this awesome slide. The slide dropped about 90-degrees. My mom was going to do it, but she chickened out.

That is true.

Travel TipTravel Tip 13: Go where the locals go.

It’s not always easy to discover these hidden gems, but to get out of the rain and let Aidan blow off some steam, it was worth the search.