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The boys and I have decided that we should devote at least one blog post per country to food.

It may sound like a welcomed treat to eat every meal out. But after a while, it’s a challenge not to mention expensive. Here’s the pattern that we’ve been following:

  • Eat breakfast wherever we’re staying. In most cases, it’s included in the cost.
  • Eat lunch at a small local restaurant.
  • Shop at the grocery store and buy pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, smoothies, or fruit. The food’s pretty good and a lot cheaper.
Aidan gives Dutch Hotchpotch a thumbs up.

Aidan gives Dutch Hotchpotch a thumbs up.

Dutch food – while unknown to most of the world – tastes like home. At De Blauwe Hollander, Aidan had a dish called Hotchpotch. It’s a warm hearty stew with mashed potatoes. My mom and grandma used to make something similar – roast beef, carrots, and potatoes.

The Dutch also love their pancakes, both savory and sweet. From Nathan: I ordered a bacon-cheese pancake. I believe that it competes with my other best pancakes of all time!

Finally, there’s some fabulous Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam. Indonesia is a former Dutch colony. The Dutch have a fondness for the cuisine. I don’t know what the name of the dish was, but the bowl of yumminess at Sama Sebo was the best food I’ve eaten so far on the trip.

Our Indonesian lunch.  It was quite tasty!

Our Indonesian lunch. It was quite tasty!

Also, if you’re ever in Amsterdam, try the rijstaffel, Dutch for rice table. It’s like a buffet of 8-12 small dishes that are shared with your dining companions. Don’t like one? Just move on to the next! But I bet you’ll like ’em.