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The Brits are not known for their cuisine. We were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. However we’ve determined that the world is right.

After Stonehenge, Steve drove us to Bath for lunch. Fish ‘n Chips – the English are famous for them, right. The question is why?! The fish was terribly greasy, and the fries were no better. Steve confirmed this is how they taste everywhere in England. Certainly this meal could be salvaged by dessert, right? Wrong again. The waitress announced that the restaurant was out of Spotted Dick (sponge cake with raisins), so we ordered a treacle and a blackberry/apple crumble. Both came slathered in a custard-like pudding. I did not finish my dessert, something that rarely occurs! (No fear, Bottomless Pit aka Nathan came to the rescue. And Aidan continued to repeat the words, “Spotted Dick,” for the rest of the meal.)

Travel TipTravel Tip 6: Grab-n-Go is the way to go

Everything is expensive in London, especially food. Opt for the quick sandwich places like Eat and Pret. And make sure to order “Take Away.” Otherwise there’s an extra charge to sit down. Sit outside instead. Same goes for coffee.

On our last night in London, we splurged on a dinner out to thank the Larsons for their hospitality. We’re fans of Chef Gordon Ramsay (Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares), so we went to one of his restaurants, Maze Grill. It, of course, was delicious. To see how much food Nathan ate there (!), just click on the Gallery below and read the captions.

Travel Tip 7: Tap water pleaseTravel Tip

When at a restaurant, you’ll be asked if you want water – still or sparkling. You’ll be charged for both. At Maze Grill, a bottle of still water for the table was about $6. Ask for tap.