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Our host, Steve, was so kind to take the day off work and drive us to Stonehenge about an hour and a half outside of London. The ancient stone circles are thought to have evolved between 3000 B.C. and 1600 B.C.   Both their purpose and just how they got to this location are still a mystery. The inner circle stones are Bluestones from Wales, some 250 miles away. Each weighs the equivalent on seven elephants. One third of each stone is actually buried below ground.

Prehistoric man and physics – it’s a puzzler! Of course, legends offer other explanations – the work of the Devil, the magic of Merlin, and the doings of aliens.

From Nathan:  There are different theories about the purpose of the rocks.  One of things the rocks could have been used for is to identify the month.  They also could have been a religious site.  Whatever the reason, Stonehenge is breathtaking.

The kids really enjoyed Stonehenge. It was outside, and even though it had an audio tour (Nathan doesn’t like audio tours!), it only lasted 20 minutes.

Stonehenge is one of several World Heritage sites that we hope to see on our trip.