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We love Harry Potter.  We’ve read all seven books; we’ve seen all eight movies.  We are true fans.  Today, we visited the studio where the beloved movies were made.  We were in Hogwarts heaven!

imageFrom Aidan:  My favorite  set was the Wesley’s Burrow.  There were these boards that were remote control.  When you moved your hand on one, something “magically” moved in the house.  At the end of the tour, there was a big surprise: a HUGE replica of Hogwarts.  It was bigger that 3 normal classrooms.  It was awesome!

From Nathan:  I enjoyed seeing all the sets used in the movies.  My favorite part was the mini-sized castle, which was actually in the films.  For the castle flyovers, they used this 1/24 scale model of Hogwarts.

This model of Hogwarts is spectacular!

Travel TipTravel Tip 2:  Plan Ahead

 If you’re interested in visiting Warner Bros. Studio, you must buy your ticket online and in advance.  It’s about 20 miles outside of London – accessible by train or car.