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ShellieThe day has finally come! We first started planning this trip in January 2011. Now that the departure day is here, I wish that I could slow down time. Over the next 10 weeks, I’m hopingl that we can appreciate each and every day. I tend to be an overly-organized person (stop laughing, those who know me!), so my challenge is to be open to the unscheduled, the unforeseen, the unexpected. Please pray for our safety and our sanity (mostly mine!).

NathanWe are at the airport now, so we can get our connecting flight to Chicago and then on to London. I can’t wait to get on the plane so the trip will really begin. I am most looking forward to Moorea because I love to swim. Also, we get to sleep in bungalows over the water! I hope that we come home safely with a new appreciation for the world.

AidanI think my favorite parts of the trip are going to be Africa and Moorea. In Africa, we get to take an overnight safari for 5 days. In Moorea, we get to swim and sleep in these cool bungalows. It will be hard leaving Dad and Nilla at home, but I can’t wait until Dad joins us in Thailand.

We love you, Neerav and Nilla! Take care of each other.

These photos were before the tears… and vomiting. (Aidan’s ok. He just got worked up saying good-bye to Daddy!)